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Clevo Ultimate Plus 2820 Fan, overheating repa

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Clevo Ultimate Plus 2820 Fan, overheating repair, upgrade

CAREFULLY PACKAGE and ship the system to our factory unit.
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We typically repair and return the repair in 1-3 days and all items are tested for function before they leave our facility

Please note this service is returned by standard post at your risk, if you want it returned by an insured service, you need to contact us to let us know and pay an extra charge, your acceptance of these terms are taken as accepted if you place an order.

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We will strip your system, refurbish and lubricate your cpu, polish and refinish your heatsinks, so they make good conductive contact with your cpu and video card.
Upgrade your drivers to the latest drivers, as the later drivers handle the heat used with the chips better.
We can with some systems add additional fans internally for you let us know if you want us to do this for you
Laptop and Notebook Overheating

Laptop overheating has become a more common problem in recent years as both the CPU chips and the video chips in laptop computers have become more densely packed with transistors, all of which generate heat. With both CPUs and graphic systems generating more heat, laptops can overheat if they are not properly designed or if ventilation and cooling is interfered with. The problem is compounded when manufacturers put desktop components in mobile systems, or when laptop design does not properly provide for laptop cooling under foreseeable normal use of the systems.

Laptop overheating most commonly signals itself by sudden, otherwise unexplained shutdown of an operating computer. If your laptop computer suddenly shuts down for no known reason, there is a high likelihood that the fail safe software in the computer is shutting it down when the computer temperature gets too high. Other signs of overheating notebook computers include constant or excessive fan operation, unexplained memory or operation errors, and inexplicable “blue screens of death.”

The problem often arises when you are using your computer intensively in ways that keep the CPU operating at high capacity and the hard drive and video systems busy as well. Gaming often leads to laptop overheating. Virus scans, compiling software and similar intensive tasks can also bring on the problem. The problem also, not surprisingly, sometimes occurs when the temperatures are high in the setting where the laptop is being used.

The consequences of overheating laptops can be quite serious. Your computer can be damaged, and may end up requiring expensive replacement of major system components, such as motherboards or graphic cards. In addition, medical researchers have reported health issues ranging from sterility to burned genitalia related to use of overheated laptops by fully clothed users.

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